Time for something different


Back in April of this year I started pulling down my old site. I was not pleased with it in the long term and wanted to start over, a clean slate, new everything using the knowledge I had gained from working on various sites over the past twenty months or so.

The old site was not cutting it for me, the code was messy and old, there was plugins that were not needed and tons of newbie mistakes which led me to simply throw it all out and start a fresh. I also wanted to really think about what I would like this site to be used for. A simple ‘Hello, this is me’ or something more and I’ve settled on much more.

A straightforward site with tips and tricks in the platforms I enjoy to use. Rambles from communities I am involved in and my opinions on everyday items in the tech world that make me think.

And as for the look and feel of the site, that’s my big work in progress! But for now you will see this well known Theme as the cover of my site until I’ve finished building and testing my very own theme which I will release into the wild on github in the future.

On wards and up wards,